Atari Punk Console

ElectronicsApril 2015

This was a quick project I put together after binge-watching all of the Collin's Lab videos I could find. His version of the Atari Punk Console was a fun way to practice reading a schematic, laying out a pcb, and soldering.

This is my initial bench build. I followed the schematic from kaustic machines directly when laying this out.

I spent a lot of time at this stage experimenting with different capacitors and resistors seeing what effect they had on the sounds.

I picked up the potentiometers at Radio Shack and I hate them. They were expensive, cheap-feeling, clicky, and logarithmic instead of linear. I was trying to keep costs down so I didn't replace them. One of the goals for my next project will be to more carefully plan and purchase my components.

The next step was soldering everything together. It's not beautiful but I'm proud of it.

The Atari Punk Console has a legacy of being stuffed into janky found containers so I drilled out some holes in an old external drive enclosure and mounted the assembly inside.

Here's the finished product: