Guitar Pedalboard

MusicFebruary 2023

My first (and maybe last) pedalboard

Here's a small confession: before 2022, I had never really used guitar pedals before. That is, I'd never used discreet pedals connected in an effects chain.

One of my first purchases after buying my first quitar was a Zoom 2100 multi-effects pedal. Later on I upgraded to a Line 6 Pod. I stuck to multi-effects units for so long primarily due to cost as well as not having an amp that would showcase the effects particularly well.

In 2022 I got a killer deal on a new BOSS Katana 100 mkII. The amp itself is an effect modeling powerhouse and I spent a lot of time learning about the various effect options and experimenting with gain staging and effects chains within the amp itself. Around that time I started watching That Pedal Show and really geeking out over pedal board builds.

Given that the Katana is also known as an excellent pedal platform amp it didn't take long for me to start planning my own build.

I built the board slowly, one pedal at a time. I spent time experimenting with each one before starting to research the next addition. The end result is something I'm very happy with. It's base is a typical Klon -> Tube Screamer drive. This goes into the Fathom which provides a really lush and watery reverb. The Raster is an intimidating beast of a pedal which I mostly use for some slapback delay. Yes, this is a bit embarrassing but I swear I will put the time into learning more of its functions one day.

The audio signal goes into a mostly dry gain stage in the front of the amp. The expression pedal is mainly for volume control but I have some presets for wah when needed. Also, I have different amp EQ setups for my Les Paul and my Strat which I can swap between with the BOSS footcontoller.

You can hear this rig in a song I recorded.

I also designed and 3D printed some pedalboard risers for the footcontroller.

Check out that lovely bridging...mmmmmm....


  • Board: Pedal Train Metro 24
  • Power: MXR Mini ISO Brick
  • Boss GA-FC
  • Moog EP-3
  • TC Electronics Polytune 3 Mini
  • Wampler Tumnus Deluxe
  • Earthquaker Devices Plumes
  • Walrus Audio Fathom
  • Red Panda Raster 2
  • Boss RC-5
  • Ghostfire Solderless Cables
  • EX Pedalboard Junction Box

Build notes

The extra footswitch for the looper is the Rock Stock Dual footswitch but I’ve changed out the switches for ones that are normally open.

Cables are Ghost Fire solderless. I built the board with hand soldered pancake jack cables and swapped them for these since they fit much better. I cannot hear a difference between the two.

I also added an inline barrel jack switch to the Mini ISO brick for easy on/off.