The Road Won't Rise to Meet You

GameJuly 2011

A Sophmore Effort

Following on from our wildly successful collaboration making Desert Loot, Paul Bredenberg and I decided to make an entry for The Experimental Gameplay Project's July 2011 challenge: DISINTEGRATE. Desert Loot was built during an intense 48-hour game jam. We decided to make it easier on ourselves and took a whole month to make the game.


We set some specific goals for the project:

  1. Create a very small, simple game, in a small amount of time for the Experimental gameplay competition.
  2. Hint at a deeper idea underlying the simple gameplay and art.
  3. Have at least one fun mechanic that encourages some amount of replay beyond a single attempt.
  4. Have at least 5 levels created.

We succeeded with all of our goals and learned a lot in the process.

Game Notes