Jay Roberts // gloryfish


I have a wide variety of interests and I try to have at least one project going on at any given time. In my spare time I like to cook, program, write, play music, tinker with electronics, and more. Most of all I like to learn new things. These projects are steps along that journey.

Hogwarts LED Display

June 2020

An Arduino-based LED animation system.

Battle for Eire

May 2018

A VR theme park ride review.

Atari Punk Console

April 2015

A small analog synth noisemaker.

Family Pendant

October 2014

A custom designed, 3D printed mother's necklace.

Divine Rapier

March 2013

A Dota 2 demake with team-AI.


October 2013

A solo 48-hour game jam game with zombies.

Raspberry Pi Gimbal

May 2013

Custom built camera gimbal mount with Wii remote control.

Garlic Fire Sauce

November 2012

A homemade hot sauce recipe.

On Scotch Tasting

May 2012

Thoughts on developing your Scotch tasting palate.


January 2011

My first successful 48-hour game jam game.

WQKE Promos


Audio production from my college radio days.